The Haberdashery

Cafe Restaurant

“Our food is served on mismatched vintage dishes

Our coffee bowls are stacked higgledy-piggledy on the espresso machine.

Our wall is decorated with a mosaic of victorian fireplace tiles.”


Haberdashery is a brilliant example of the ‘make-do-and-mend’ café, not just in its aesthetic of vintage crockery, cocktails in jam jars, and hand-written labels, but also in its multifunctional appeal. It also sells books (lovely novellas by local press Peirene) and prints, tea sets, groceries and old-fashioned sweeties, as well as hosting sales, launches and monthly themed supper clubs.

2 reviews

  1. Despite having lived practically next door for the past year, i’ve only recently visited this lovely eatery. I’ve definitely been missing out. Charm, style, good food, excellent service and a real commitment in supporting various charities and the local community have made The Haberdashery my new favourite local.

  2. Posts like this make the inrtenet such a treasure trove

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