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Sustainability in Hospitality

Think.Eat.Drink was established in 2009 by Jamie Grainger-Smith, with the vision of developing a specialised consultancy dedicated to helping companies in the food and drinks industry be more forward-thinking and environmentally aware.

It provides guidance, advice and support on many different levels, ranging from food and drink menus, vision, strategies, sustainable design and advice, waste strategies to ethical suppliers and procurement. We have a broad range of experience managing change across a variety of organisations.

  • Pan fried fillet of sea bream with soft fennel and fresh herb dressing, cucumber and sesame
  • Herb marinated Scottish beef fillet with roasted red pepper, salsa verde, broccoli
  • Pearl barley risotto with porcini and truffled herb mascarpone.

For drinks, there’ll be a strong focus on biodynamic, carbon-neutral and traditional wines, organic spirits and mixers and plenty of cocktails.

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  1. After failing to get a table at a nearby restaurant we wanted to try, a colleague and I chanced upon TED. A short walk from Kings Cross, and what a find. The atmosphere was great, not too noisy so conversation was easy. Tables not crammed together, staff great. The menu was not too extensive and featured seasonal ingredients, always a good sign. Couldn’t believe the prices, incredible value.

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